Third Party Verification and Compliance Services
Third Party Verification Services  

Third Party Pro supplies cost-competitive third-party verification (TPV) to help prove your customers are requesting changes or ordering new services or products. At Third Party Pro, our Live Operator TPV service features the best ever spontaneous times in the industry. When customers want to provide live interactions with decisive flexibility, our Live Operator Services are the clear choice for many reasons:

  • Provides an Outstanding Customer Experience
  • Documented Higher Success Rates (success rates average over 96%)
  • Higher Success Rates Mean:
  • 100% consistency in questions asked
  • Less Back Room Clean-up Expense
  • Fewer Lost Sales due to Non-Verified TPVs
  • The Most Competitive Live Operator Service Rates
  • Close to Real-Time Call Record
  • Dedicated Management and IT Resources with 24x7x365 Availability
  • Cost Competitive Live Operator Answering Service
  • 99% transaction completion rate
  • Open interfaces into systems for easy integration
  • Digital voice recording
  • Detailed activity reporting is available to support other business functions
  • Quick TPV program startup
  • Our team is accessible to work with your staff right through the day as needed, to make sure results with immediate & accurate delivery of our high quality third party verifications (TPV).


Inbound / Outbound

Immediate third party verification (TPV) is possible by switching your calls to us via a conference call or we can call your customers back within minutes of getting your order information through e-mail or Fax.

Live Voice Response

Our live third party verification (TPV) operators provide a proficient yet human touch.


We provide you with daily, weekly, or monthly reports abridgment your transactions, in a format to suit your reporting environment. Reports are customizable to any level of detail.